17 Summer Memes for Parents that Are All Too Real

Inside: The funny summer memes parents need as they enjoy summertime with their kids, while also really wanting to sit down for a minute.

Pre-kids me always loved summer the most. Lounging at the beach, wearing flip flops, drinks on the patio.

Mom me also loves summer the most. Building moats, counting the backyard sprinkler as a bath, buying popsicles in bulk.

I love seeing my kids enjoy the summer as much as I did growing up, and I also love not having to wrestle anyone into a coat. Summer is full of possibilities and ice cream cream and I’m down for both.

But summer parenting is also not for the faint of heart!

That’s why these summer memes for parents will be exactly what you need to keep you laughing when the kids keep splashing and you just really want to chill out with a margarita.

Funny Summer Memes for Parents to Keep You Laughing All Season

Funny Summer Memes for Parents - Two children in a pool with goggles

Okay kids, bedtime!

Popsicle at 10am? Fine.

Parents bringing chairs to the beach are so precious

Summer Parenting is Freeze Pops

I don’t want to get wet!

Will take 3 years to blow up

Kid Blow Up Pool meme
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White Pants are for Optimists

Feeling this times 100 while parks are closed

Kicking off summer vacation with rage

How many towels do you need, child!?

The years are short, the summer days are long

Me, when I'm home all day with my kids in the summer. 
1. It's almost lunchtime.
2. No, this clock can't be correct.
3. Crap...it's only 8:49am
4. How am I supposed to live like this?
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Summer Snacking is Next Level

Beach Hair, Sort of Care

Remember talking into the fan too?

Mom’s bag of tricks is empty

Anyone want some screen time?

First week of summer break: Trips to the park, the beach, and the zoo.
Second week of summer break: The wi-fi is your mother now.
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It’s a full-body summer workout

Grab a cold glass of something, put on that moat building swimsuit, slather on the sunscreen and go enjoy the summer, moms and dads! And when you need a break, come on back to these memes. We’ll be here for you.

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